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    Day 2 of the MP11 project


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    Day 2 of the MP11 project

    Post by HwyStar on Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:40 am

    So far, so good!  It does not help that I have a raging head cold/bronchitis so my ears are getting plugged up and I have trouble hearing clearly.

    I left the Mellow Grand settings for my wife set to her liking and I set it as the default power on sound for the board.  She can walk over, power it on and practice: done.  For me and my hearing it is a little to stale for my tastes.  Not enough crispness.  But fear not.  I set Setup A-1 as my on personal setting and I can tweak to my hearts content.  I set up OneWatts settings into A-2.

    The 3 pedal setup does the same thing as the MP10 setup did: it moves around...  My desk is on carpet and the rubber feet on the bottom of the pedals does not do anything to keep the pedals from moving around.  I may try pivoting the pedal around 90 degrees to see if playing it horizontally keeps it from sliding around.  Long term, I will mount the pedals to a board that has had speaker fabric covering applied to it.  2 x 2 x 1/4" plywood works just fine.  With the weight of both of my feet on the board and the interaction of the speaker fabric and carpet of the floor, the board does not move at all.  See picture below.

    In the near future I will take current pictures of my custom desk setup, with dimensions provided.  It is working out really well and costs less than some of the more expensive keyboard stands on the market.  Bush Furniture rocks!  Here is a link to the desk I am using:  BUSH Business Furniture Series A:72-inch DESK.  I cut the left and right legs down of the desk before I assemble it and it works great!  With the extended riser I put on top of the desk I can have my stereo speakers and an iMac with keyboard and mouse right where they need to be.  Here is an older picture of it:

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