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    MP11 Unboxing and a picture!


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    MP11 Unboxing and a picture!

    Post by HwyStar on Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:28 pm

    Here I am unboxing the MP11 and I already have my weights out.  Why take it out if I have bought another train wreck?

    Here are the down and up weights for three of my actions:
    C0: 68,43 = 111
    C3: 59,33 = 92
    C5: 52,32 = 84

    And my preferred AP (Steinway A: "Alice") is:
    C0: 52,22 = 74
    C3: 47,22 = 69
    C5: 43,30 = 73

    Yamaha Motif XF8
    C0: 69,42 = 111
    C3: 67,38 = 105
    C5: 69,35 = 104

    I set the MP11 up and plugged it in.  I then gave it to my wife for her to play.  At first, the Concert Grand 1-1-A (reset to factory settings) was to bright for her so I adjusted the Brilliance down to -5 and she liked it.

    She went away and while she was away I dialed in the Mellow Grand 1-1-C and set the Touch weight to "Light+" and she sat down to play it...  30 minutes later after taking off the head phones she said: "That's fun!  That is the first time I have been able to play a keyboard where I can get expression out of it like Alice!  I think she is sold on it.

    More details to follow soon.  I will be beating it up tonight and will report back in the morning.

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