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    Detuning the MP11...


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    Detuning the MP11...

    Post by HwyStar on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:57 am

    I just read this post over at PW. I won't be by my MP11 for another few days. If someone wants to try this technique it maybe worth trying and reporting back here how it went:

    Jake Jackson:
    I'm finding a different sound by turning on the Octave, and then slightly detuning it by 1-3 steps AND keeping the volume of this added octave low, to under 50%. This thickens the sound, as though the unisons were a bit detuned, without calling too much attention to the detuning.

    Experimenting with the added octave in this way can produce many variations in the sound, since the octave can be detuned either above or below the main sound, thus letting me try, for example a -3 in the tuning, set to 40% of the main sound's amplitude, or a +2 in the tuning, set to 35% of the main amplitude.

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