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    PianoTeq and the MP11 together.


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    PianoTeq and the MP11 together.

    Post by HwyStar on Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:41 am

    Last weekend I was fiddling around with PTQ and because my screen saver turned off my monitor I forgot that it was active.

    This week when I sat down to play the MP11 it sounded really good and I didn't understand why.

    Using the output from my iMac into the input of the MP11, I am mixing both PTQ and MP11 together to get some amazing sounds. With PTQ active the response time seems faster like what PTQ players say about the responsiveness that it has compared to samples. The two sound great together! The reverb of PTQ is far superior to that of the MP11 and that seems to make the sound come alive in my headphones. It's like I am in the room with a piano.

    If you have a software piano of any kind try blending them together!

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