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    Kawai CA97 or Roland LX-17


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    Kawai CA97 or Roland LX-17

    Post by HwyStar on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:17 am

    Both, I really mean both of these pianos sound great!  Here is a very good comparison video from Bonner's Music where you can hear the differences between the two brands of piano:

    Down the road, I am considering which piano I want to get.  I know I have the MP11 right now but someday; down the road, after I move to Virginia I may sell the MP11 and get a console, or I may keep the MP11.  By keeping the MP11 I can keep my workstation setup that is great to use for practicing and using software pianos.  Having a console with multiple speakers may sound more like a real grand piano then sitting in the sweet spot of two monitors.

    Make sure that you change the video settings on this video to 720p!  The Kawai does sound like a Kawai EX Grand and the Roland sounds like a Steinway (flavor).  I can hear the difference in the 400Hz eq portion of the LX-17.  It is boosted slightly higher (+3db?).

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