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    Day 3 and the relationship solidifies...


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    Day 3 and the relationship solidifies...

    Post by HwyStar on Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:30 am

    I think I am in Love!  Honest!  This board is going to get a real name.  We have Alice, and Edward and it is time to add a kid to the family.  Bella, a Boston baby grand went away since she sounded like poop; just like the actress, so not that name!

    The action is great.  I just practiced my scales and it was accurate, forgiving, but yet challenging at the same time.  You have to play properly or it tells you so.  Like a correctly regulated and balanced action should.  It is quick without being to quick, like an AP action.  Is it Alice; no, is it better than Edward; Yes!  Leaps and bounds above Edward.  Edward was a rare M & H that was used at the NAMM show 6 years ago and his action is a carbon fiber action.  To be honest, good but not great.  We love his sound but not the action.

    And to think I still have not even hooked it up to PT!  I have three different Grands dialed in now, each with its own flavor.  I will post them in the setup section.  I want to come up with a unified setup spreadsheet for all users, kind of like the CA95 users had.  This way we are consistent and it is easy to read for all users.  I will make sure to post this globally.

    Good Stuff Maynard!

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